Backend of Site
 Review your imported member data.
Directory & CRM Tab>Community Directory in Left Rail Menu>Directory Search to export or view backend member profiles.
 Review notifications & update the “from” email address if applicable
Content & Settings Tab>General Settings in Left Rail Menu>Notifications
 Review and enable your membership renewal reminders
Ecommerce>Dues & Membership in Left Rail Menu>Memberships>click on the wrench icon located next to a membership name to edit. Repeat for each membership.
 Test applying payment to an open invoice
Ecommerce>Dues & Membership in Left Rail Menu>Membership>Dues Processing
 Purge any applicable test data from the database
 Create News announcement within site regarding new website (if applicable).
 Queue a bulk email for launch date, welcoming your members to the site with login credentials.
Reference emails provided by Client Consultant for examples.


Frontend of Site
 Review site in commonly used browsers, if possible, to ensure consistency.
Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari (if it is not a browser you use often, be sure to conduct an update to the newest version)
 Review site content areas and pages for proper spelling and formatting.
Remember to check content areas for any default YM text!
 Site content and events needed by launch are built and ready for go-live.
 Ensure all menu items, content and custom page links are hyperlinked appropriately.
 Test the member registration process.
 Test your payment processing.
Suggestion: Submit a $1 donation
 Test your event registration process (if applicable).
 Familiarize yourself with the member features.
Login as a member and navigate to “manage profile.” Generally, you will find this link in the “My Profile” snapshot or within your site’s toolbar at the top of the screen.
 Test any frontend custom directory searches that you may have created.