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Accreditation Timeframes
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We are pleased to provide timeframes that are associated with each phase of the NECPA Accreditation process.  It is our hope that these timeframes will enable you the tools needed to successfully complete your NECPA Accreditation.


Enrollment Timeframes:

  • The NECPA recommends re-enrolling your program about one year prior to your program's current accreditation expiration.
  • Fifteen months prior to the program's accreditation expiration, a re-enrollment reminder is sent to your program by both mail and email, with the enrollment application included.
  • If your program has not re-enrolled at the time of the second annual report review, your program will receive a final re-enrollment reminder within your program's report approval letter.


Verification Visit Timeframes:

  • The NECPA recommends submitting the Verification Visit Request Form at least six months prior to your program's accreditation expiration date.
  • When the NECPA receives your Verification Visit Request Form, a confirmation letter documenting receipt of the request is sent to your program by email.
  • Once your program submits the NECPA Verification Visit Request Form, this notifies the NECPA Office that your program is ready for a verification visit.  The NECPA Office begins scheduling the verification visit immediately upon receipt of your program's Verification Visit Request Form.
  • Your program will receive a Verification Visit within 120 days of the request for a verification visit date.
  • Your program will be reviewed by the NECPA National Accreditation Council within eight weeks from the date in which the Verification Visit occurs.
  • Your program's accreditation date will always reflect the last day of the month in which your program was approved for the full accreditation award.


Annual Report Timeframes:

  • Your accredited program will be sent an Annual Report reminder letter, an electronic Annual Report Form, and a reminder for the Annual Report fee, in the amount of $275.00, three months prior to your accreditation award date anniversary.
  • The NECPA Center of Operations may begin accepting your completed Annual Report Form 30 days prior to your accreditation award date anniversary.
  • If your program's Annual Report is not received within this timeframe, an Annual Report late fee, in the amount of $25.00, will be invoiced to your program's account and an Annual Report submission final notice will be issued.
  • This final notice will provide a grace period of 30 days after your program's accreditation award date anniversary to submit the late Annual Report.
  • If your program's late Annual Report is not received within the 30-day grace period, your program's accreditation will be revoked.
  • Written results from the review of your program's Annual Report will be provided by email within four weeks of the review date.


Self Report Timeframes:

  • Programs shall report the following changes within 72 hours of occurrence to the NECPA Center of Operations using the NECPA Self Report Form:
    • Notice of Suspension, Probation, Provisional/Temporary, Revocation of License or Change in License Status, License Number, or Licensed Capacity
  • Programs shall report the following changes within 30 days of occurrence to the NECPA Center of Operations using the NECPA Self Report Form:
    • Change in Program Contact Information
    • Change in Director and/or Administrator
    • Change in Program Name
    • Modification and/or Expansion of Current Building(s) or Grounds
    • Addition of a New Age Group
    • Change in Hours of Operation
    • Legal Action and/or Criminal Activity 
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