Florida National Administrator Credential

Approved by Florida DCF and The TEACH Scholarship!

The National Administrator Credential is an approved course that fulfills Florida DCF's Overview of Child Care Management course requirement. 

Developed for center directors, emerging leaders and child care professionals, the National Administrator Credential (NAC) is a comprehensive,  45 hour course conducted on-site and online, and is an award for demonstrated mastery of child care administration skills. The NAC is recognized as a mark of excellence that designates professionals who have demonstrated the knowledge that is essential for managing a child care program.

The National Administrator Credential (NAC) Course Overview

The NAC course offers childcare and education Directors and Administrators forty-five (45) hours of high-quality, relevant education, in a 4-5 day time frame, at a reasonable cost.

  • Students are expected to complete projects and reading assignments between classes, so most elect to stay at the workshop facility for the full five days.
  • Each class is made up of candidates from a variety of childcare and education programs and their diversity enhances the learning atmosphere and networking possibilities.
  • The NAC course is organized into 10 sections encompassing the professional development competencies for administrators of early childhood education centers.
  • The course is being offered by HCC-NECPA, as only this entity is approved by the Department to offer the approved OCCM course.
  • The student must download a copy of the Director Credential Application (CF-FSP Form 5290) from the Department’s website at www.myflorida.com/childcare and complete section 3, 4 or 5 (depending on the level of credential the student is applying for). The student must write in HCC-NECPA and the date HCC issued the NAC course and 4.5 CEUs.
  • The student must submit the Director Credential Application, proof of the qualifications listed under the “Core Requirements" subheading and a copy of their HCC transcript documenting completion of the NAC course for 4.5 CEUs.

The 10 National Administrator Credential (NAC) Competencies 

  1. History of Early Childhood Education, and Personal and Professional Development of the Child Care Professional
  2. An Effective Organization
  3. Internal and External Systems
  4. Laws and Regulations
  5. Staff Management and Human Resources
  6. Educational Programming
  7. Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations
  8. Financial Management
  9. Operational Planning and Evaluation
  10. Leadership and Advocacy

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