NAC Amnesty Renewal Program

The NAC Amnesty Renewal Program will allow those who have an expired NAC to renew their NAC into good standing. NECPA understands the importance of the good standing to our NAC holders and acknowledges that certain life changing events sometimes make it not possible for on-time renewals. It is NECPA's intent to bring expired NAC holders back to the NECPA fold so that they may satisfy the requirements of their programs, state, and accreditation obligations. 

In order to renew your National Administrator Credential (NAC) through the NAC Amnesty Program, you must have participated in an average of 12 clock hours per year since your last effective date (two years before expiration date).

NAC Amnesty Program Renewal FAQ’s

What is an NAC Amnesty program?

This is a program that allows those who have previously held a NAC that has expired as far back a January 1, 2006 to renew their certificate without having to retake the National Administrator Credential course.

Am I eligible?

Possibly, Anyone who has earned a NAC from NECPA or NCCA and has an expiration date of January 1, 2006, and does not currently owe a past due balance to NECPA will qualify provided you submit payment, and a minimum level of professional development (noted on page 1). The NAC Amnesty Program will expire on September 1, 2018.

Why are you offering this program?

NECPA understands that being a NAC holder is important to you, but we all have important items in our life that may be a priority. Some of our expired NAC holders retired, but returned to child care. Others have fallen ill, or have cared for others who fell ill. Whatever your reason for letting your NAC expire; it's okay. We want to bring you back to good standing with us, so you can re-achieve good standing with your state or accreditation requirements. This program is the best and most efficient way to help you regain the NAC mark of excellence.

Can I send in my paperwork after March 1, 2019?

Sorry, this NAC Amnesty has never been offered in the past, and we have no plans to offer it again in the future. We cannot grant any extensions to this deadline.

Can you waive the professional development requirement?

Commitment to professional development is the cornerstone of the NAC, all required certificates or transcripts must be submitted with your application.

X days/months/years ago I spent $600 to retake a NAC course because this was not offered, can I get a refund?

No, the Amnesty Program runs from February 1, 2018 to March 1, 2019 and is not retroactive. NECPA cannot issue reimbursements of refunds if the a class was retaken.

I cannot find my latest NAC certificate, can you waive that requirement?

Possibly, please call the Professional Development Department at 855.706.3272 to inquire.