Step by Step

  1.    The CCP Candidate chooses to pursue a Certified Childcare Professional (CCP).
  1.    The Candidate chooses their CCP Field Counselor.  The Field Counselor selection is recorded on the CCP Enrollment Packet.  Before a CCP Candidate purchases the CCP Enrollment Packet, he/she must select a Field Counselor.  (This can be any individual that meets the CCP Field Counselor requirements.  CCP Field Counselor requirements are published here.)
  1.    The Candidate purchases a CCP Enrollment Packet.  CCP Enrollment Packet cost is $25.00 plus shipping costs.  In order for a candidate to enroll in the CCP process, a candidate must* (1) Be at least 18 years old, (2) Hold a high school diploma or equivalent, and (3) Be able to speak, read, and write English in a capacity that will allow the candidate to perform their duties as a CCP.
  1.    The Candidate completes the entire CCP Enrollment Packet.
  1.    Upon completion of the CCP Enrollment Packet, the Candidate submits the CCP Observation and Assessment Request Form, fee of $350.00, and a copy of all CCP Enrollment Packet materials.
  1.    The NECPA sends the Field Counselor the CCP Performance Based Observation materials and the CCP Exam.
  1.    The CCP Field Counselor proctors the CCP Exam and completes the Performance Based Observation.
  1.    The CCP Field Counselor sends the completed CCP exam and the Performance Based Observation to the NECPA Center of Operations.
  1.    The NECPA Center of Operations sends the Candidate’s CCP materials to a third party grading organization that creates a CCP Candidate Profile.
  1.  The CCP Candidate Profile is reviewed by the Professional Standards Council (PSC).
  1.  There are two possible results determined upon review of the CCP Candidate Profile:
  • Approved: The candidate is fully approved and receives the CCP award.  The CCP award is valid for two years, requiring maintenance every two years through a renewal process.
  • Open File: The candidate may become fully approved upon completion of additional training and/or re-tested in areas specified by the Professional Standards Council (PSC) to strengthen your experiential and/or your educational skills.  Documented completion of the additional training is required within 12 months of the notification date.  If a candidate does not provide a response within the specified time frames, they must complete the CCP process again.
  1.  The Candidate is awarded the CCP Credential.  The CCP is valid for two years, requiring maintenance every two years through a CCP maintenance process.

* The NECPA Commission, Inc. reserves the right to waive any enrollment criteria requirements based on extenuating circumstances.