2024 NCCA and NECPA National Conference: Event Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to the 2024 National Child Care Association (NCCA) and National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA) National Conference. We’re excited to have you participate in this event. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all attendees, please adhere to the following event rules and guidelines:

  1. Registration and Ticket Refund/Cancellation/Transfer:
  • All attendees, including speakers, exhibitors, and participants, must register in advance through the official conference website. I consent to the collection and storage of my information provided in this registration form for event administration purposes.
  • Badges will be provided upon check-in at the registration desk. Badges should be worn visibly at all times during the conference.
  • I acknowledge that tickets are nonrefundable. Tickets can be transferred until March 1, 20224. To transfer please contact our team at [email protected].
  1. Professional Conduct:
  • Treat all attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and staff with respect and courtesy.
  • Any form of harassment, discrimination, or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from the event.
  1. Photography and Recording:
  • Photography and recording of conference sessions, workshops, and exhibits are allowed only with the explicit permission of the presenters and participants involved.
  • Please respect the privacy of those who do not wish to be photographed or recorded.
  1. Session Attendance:
  • Attendees are encouraged to attend all sessions they have registered for on time. Late arrivals and early departures should be minimized to avoid disruptions.
  1. Exhibits and Materials:
  • Respect exhibitors’ spaces and materials. Do not remove or damage any exhibit items.
  • Materials provided during sessions are for personal use and should not be reproduced without permission.
  1. Mobile Devices:
  • Please silence your mobile devices during sessions to minimize disruptions.
  1. Feedback and Evaluation:
  • Provide feedback through official conference channels. Your input is valuable for improving future events.

By following these event rules and guidelines, we can collectively create a productive, respectful, and memorable experience at the 2024 NCCA and NECPA National Conference. Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy the conference!

2024 NCCA and NECPA National Conference: Media Release

In attending this conference, I grant the National Child Care Association (NCCA) and the National Early Childhood Program Accreditation (NECPA) and their authorized representatives, (“the Organizer"), permission to use photos/videos/audio taken of me at the NCCA and NECPA 2024 National Conference from April 25 to April 27, 2024, for print and digital marketing and promotional use. I understand and agree to the following:

  • Ownership: The Organizer owns all rights to the media.
  • Indemnification/Release: I agree to indemnify and release the Organizer from liabilities related to media use.
  • Consent: The Organizer can use, reproduce, and display media.
  • Compensation: I understand that I will not be entitled to payment for the use of the media.
  • Waiver: I waive approval rights for media distribution.
  • Legal Capacity: I confirm I'm of legal age and authorized to agree to these terms.