The National Administrator Credential (NAC), in partnership with State College of Florida (SCF),  is listed as an approved Overview of Childcare Management (OCCM) course by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF). 

Upon completion, a college transcript from SCF will be sent to you which should be submitted to your local DCF rep. All records are sent to SCF on or by the fifth of the month following your completion. 

Please expect up to 30 days from the fifth of the month after your completion to receive your transcript from SCF.  For example, if you complete your NAC on April 20th, your documents would be sent to  SCF on May 5th, and you would receive your transcripts by June 4th.

Developed for center directors, emerging leaders and child care professionals, the Online National Administrator Credential (NAC) is a comprehensive,  45 hour course conducted online, and is an award for demonstrated mastery of child care administration skills. The NAC is recognized as a mark of excellence that designates professionals who have demonstrated the knowledge that is essential for managing a child care program. This course requires the use of a textbook ($40 value), which is provided to you at no added cost.

Open 24  hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Class Type                                                     Hours                  Months to obtain (Avg.)

100% Online (with live instructor)                                 45                                                       1
Advance Your career with an Online National Administrator Credential 

NECPA’s National Administrator Credential program is designed to prepare you to join the ranks of the most efficient and knowledgeable childcare directors and administrators in the field in a public, private, or nonprofit setting.. Pursuing our National Administrator Credential can enhance your opportunities for career growth and advancement as well as bolster your critical problem-solving abilities through assignments and scenarios based on real-world best practices. The National Administrator Credential provides students with a steady basis in business and practical skills in Early Childhood Education suitable for students from any academic background.

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The Florida National Administrator Credential is an enhanced credential compared to our offerings in other states. Students in the Florida Online National Administrator Credential receive 4.5 CEUs awarded through a student transcript issued by State College of Florida. Candidates also receive support and instruction from instructors with advanced degrees up to doctorate level. Florida students also receive their first NAC renewal at no charge. Keep checking back with us as we will be adding more value added perks as time goes on.

Why Choose  NECPA’s National Administrator Credential Online?

If you currently find yourself in a administrator’s role or wish to, without a formal business degree, or you want to in program leadership without pursuing a bacholers or masters in business administration (MBA), then the National Administrator Credential is the program for you. Unlike MBA degrees, you are not required to have a bachelor’s degree to be considered for the NAC.

What are the Benefits of Completing the National Administrator Credential?

  • Program directors can experience greater job security  and compensation because of their role.
  • Completing a credential demonstrates your willingness to go beyond basic practice to the application of defined best practices to solve difficult management and administrative problems.
  • This program is 100% online with no required on-campus courses.
  • The NAC has the backing of many states and organizations.

The National Administrator Credential (NAC) Course Overview


The NAC course offers childcare and education directors and administrators forty-five (45) hours of high-quality, relevant education.

  • Candidates complete real-world projects and relevant reading assignments.
  • Each candidate has 180 days (6 months) to complete this 45 hour program. The course is self paced, and the candidate may work through the course as speedily or leisurely as they wish. The course is designed with flexibility in mind, but cannot be completed within 10 days.
  • Assignments are graded by a live instructor  who will work with you to ensure success. The instructor endeavours to have all assignments graded within 24 hours during the week.

The 10 National Administrator Credential (NAC) Competencies

What Will You Learn in the National Administrator Credential Online?
The NAC course is organized into 10 sections encompassing the professional development competencies for administrators of early childhood education programs.
  1. History of Early Childhood Education, and Personal and Professional Development of the Child Care Professional
  2. An Effective Organization
  3. Internal and External Systems
  4. Laws and Regulations
  5. Staff Management and Human Resources
  6. Educational Programming
  7. Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations
  8. Financial Management
  9. Operational Planning and Evaluation
  10. Leadership and Advocacy

This course is valued at 4.5 CEUs

In Conjunction with our Top Quality Partner:

Home - State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota

The course is being offered by SCF-NECPA, as only this entity is approved by the Department to offer the approved OCCM course.

    The student must:
download a copy of the Director Credential Application (CF-FSP Form 5290) from the Department
's website at and complete section 3, 4 or 5 (depending on the level of credential the student is applying for). The student must write in SCF-NECPA and the date SCF issued the NAC course and 4.5 CEUs.


     • submit the Director Credential Application, proof of the qualifications listed under the Core Requirements" subheading and a copy of their SCF transcript documenting completion of the NAC course for 4.5 CEUs.


      • submit a FERPA release which would allow NECPA to communicate completion to SCF so that a n unofficial transcriptmay be sent to the completer to satisfy DCF requirements.