NECPA Standards Update

NECPA is pleased to announce the release of the updated NECPA Standards. Beginning September 2017, programs are able to enroll early or opt-in to the updated standards. Provider-friendly improvements have been made to the new Standards Book and Self Assessment Instrument. Additional information, helpful links, and free downloads are available below.

Standards Research and Pilot Study

NECPA continues to be committed to high research quality of early childhood education. Between 2014 and 2017, NECPA undertook an extensive review of the existing standards. NECPA reviewed each standard, ensuring all indicators are based on current research and field recommendations. This exhaustive analysis ensures that programs who voluntarily participate in NECPA accreditation are offering children and families the highest quality of care. This review also included a voluntary pilot study to assess both the reliability and validity of the standards and self-assessment tool. This was done to ensure the standards are readily translatable into the real world, as well as ensuring consistency of verification. 

Improvements to Accreditation Manuals 

In addition to updating the standards, NECPA reviewed its existing manuals and made vast improvements to the layout, structure and guidance provided. All NECPA Standards are now compiled into a user-friendly table located in the Resource Guide and Standards Book. With the addition of the Resource Guide, enrolled programs are able to access checklists, templates and work plans to assist them in implementing NECPA Standards. The Self Assessment Instrument, has been greatly refined and is now divided into only two parts. Part A is dedicated solely to Documentation Review and Part B is dedicated to Observable Verification Items. Please see the below links for detailed information and access a free copy of the NECPA standards provided in the Standards Reference.


Download guide to major improvements to the accreditation manuals and process. 

Download the NECPA Standards.

Download NECPA Standards Crosswalk, outlines all changes and updates from 2009.

Standards Implementation Timeline

New and renewing programs may choose to opt-in to the new standards beginning September 2017. Effective January 1, 2018 all programs will be enrolled under the new standards. Programs will reviewed and verified based upon the standards under which they enroll. The enrollment or self-study period is valid for up to two years. Review and download the standards implementation timeline below. 

Enhanced Program Support

In addition to the Resource Guide now included in the Standards Book, enrolled programs may access all templates, checklists and guides online under 'Program Resources.’ Providers now have access to several community and NECPA lead online forums to assist in all types of solutions to common and unique questions that may arise throughout the accreditation process. NECPA will also be hosting monthly enrollment support calls. The NECPA team will be reviewing each chapter of the Standards Book and providing specific support for individual program questions. Additional support information and call timeline to be posted shortly.