Certified Childcare Professional – More Details

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Who should earn the CCP?
The CCP is designed specifically for early childhood educators and teachers.  It is especially valuable for teachers who have not completed a college degree or whose degree is in another field.

Why become a CCP?
Certified Childcare Professional (CCP) Candidates are viewed as distinguished professionals who have earned national and state recognition for their achievements in child care and early childhood education.

How is the CCP Candidate Evaluated?
The Certified Childcare Professional (CCP) Multi-Indicator Evaluation (MIE) process is designed to determine the extent to which candidates have met or exceeded the CCP standards of professional expertise.

MIE Criteria include:
– High school diploma/ equivalent
– 18 years of age +
– 720 hours of child care experience serving children between birth and 6 years of age within the last 5 years in a licensed center-based early childhood program
– 180 clock hours of education/training reflecting the 9 Professional Ability Areas
– NECP specialist credentialing exam
– Professional development portfolio
– Performance based observation assessment
– 2 parent evaluations
– 2 letters of endorsement (Director & Colleague)
– Two writing samples documenting the use of writing skills in professional activities
– Plans for continued professional development
Review by the NECPA Professional Standards Council (PSC)

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