National Recognition is a Highly Beneficial Marketing Tool Learn more about what’s involved…

Diane Michael NECPA, Professional Development

You got into early childhood education to support and nurture children, right? We also know that you always want to strive to provide the best level of care. Accreditation walks you through the steps to ensure you are meeting and exceeding proven best practices. The care you provide now lasts a lifetime. We all know that 90% of brain development occurs before age 5, so the level of care we provide now is critical to a lifetime of success.

You receive national recognition, which is a highly beneficial marketing tool. Everyone is seeking peer reviewed or quality recognized services, ece is no different. Participating in a voluntary program to elevate your level of quality is what parents are looking for now.

Thanks to your tireless efforts, AECEA ensured that the child care block grant was made to work for you. Effective June 1, 2020, accredited programs who participate in tiered reimbursement now receive an additional 20% in funding.

NECPA offers a work plan that walks you through each step of the evaluation and implementation process.

Each accreditation is unique. NECPA evaluates all classrooms. NECPA relies on observation. Nearly all of NECPA’s verifiers are owners or directors and have been with NECPA for over 10 years.

Once your visit is complete you receive your program results. NECPA has 3 main results, fully accredited, pending and deferred.

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